1. rough animation update! they really should give us a year for these things instead of 4 months…

  2. Made this kiddy craving gal inbetween animating. Yea i did it inbetween!

  3. Dumping some character sketches for my graduation film :)

  4. A storyboard panel for my graduation film. Wich has been a pain in the patoo’ie ever since a started it, but it’s starting to come together now :]

  5. Little concept sketch i made for my thesis film. Not using it in anyway, but thought i’d share :)

  6. little wam-up sketch i did at school, i kinda liked it :]

  7. Sumthin i made for summone sumwhere ;]

  8. Superman rips all those other blogger sites to shreds!!! It’s tumblr-time :D